New Laws Increase Airport Waiting Time by 300 Per Cent

If you’re departing on an international flight in the near future, or heading back home from some faraway place, you might want to take note of the increase in security at airports.

The Association of Southern African Travel Agents is requesting that travellers arrive at the airport earlier, no matter where they’re travelling from. This includes OR Tambo International Airport.

Tougher security has been announced in numerous countries, including Australia, USA and Europe. This is also due to understaffing and stricter procedures at border control.

At certain EU airports travellers can expect a delay of four hours. Some airports have seen an increase in waiting time of around 300% compared to last year.

South African travelling to the USA should take extra precaution. With stricter security measures in place, travellers can expect a secondary inspection of their luggage before they’re allowed to board.

The best way to avoid missing your flight is to check in online 24 hours before the plane is scheduled to depart and to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the wheels leave the ground.

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