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Reuben Riffel Refound in Franschhoek

Reuben Riffel Refound in Franschhoek

One could hardly imagine Franschhoek without Reuben’s and there were dark mutterings when his iconic Main Street establishment was not to be found.

Words by Greg Landman

Well the good news is that he has merely changed venues and can now be found at 2 Daniel Hugo Street in spanking new premises dishing out—if you will excuse the expression—his favourite type of cooking to Reuben’s fans.

The high ceilings, large windows and clean uncluttered interior create just the right sort of space for relaxing with congenial friends and unwinding in a mellow mood.

The spacious courtyard is perfect when the weather is playing ball and will be very popular this summer. Main dishes feature things like Springbok steak with honey butternut, bacon candy and walnuts, as well as braised Ox tail with mash, and spinach risotto with pine nuts and brie.

Desserts include Lemon Yuzu Tart and nice and rich warm chocolate fondant.  In short many of Reuben’s classic food—comforting and delicious.

If you want to try cooking one of Reuben’s dishes at home, watch the video below.

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