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The New Spier Farm Kitchen is a Delight

The New Spier Farm Kitchen is a Delight

One of the most delightful and popular places to visit this summer is Spier. This one-stop destination offers wine, food, and accommodation at their best –and for the whole family.

Words by Greg Landman

The Farm Kitchen has undergone a dramatic makeover that would make Madonna proud. The gracious old building in which it is housed overlooks a great expanse of lawn with some ancient oak trees under which one can while away some really splendid hours.

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In the Deli, one will find some superb things to make up a picnic basket that is tailored to what you feel like, or you can order a very generous basket of goodies that takes the pressure off all that thinking just when you want to forget about making decisions.

The basket (R580, including a bottle of Spier wine),  they say is for two but it’s so generous that we took half of it home to make the experience linger longer-but of course  that is impossible without the very special ambience that is Spier.

If you don’t feel like sitting on the grass—not my best thing—there are tables available and if you really cling to buildings there is a stoep overlooking all this.

The basket is packed with deliciously fresh things like crispy wood fired baguette with biltong butter, spinach, smoked trout, and organic feta crustless quiche, lemon seared free range chicken, farmer Angus spreadable salami with pickled mustard seed and traditional cinnamon milk tarts—so cute!—with koeksisters—10 generous items in all—with wine. If it all gets too much for you—do a shop and take stuff home and don’t forget the wine!!

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