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Weltevrede Bonnievale – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Weltevrede Bonnievale – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Certainly one of the most picturesque roads in all wine country is the one that leads to Bonnievale.

Words by Greg Landman

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As you leave Robertson heading to Ashton, take a right and soon you will be driving past thoroughbred horses grazing in green meadows, roses lining the road, and vibrant cannas demarcating the various wine farms.

A sign which says “Eende vir Huur—ducks for hire” will alert you to the fact that like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you are not in Kansas anymore but a spectacular world of its own. (The ducks are used to control the snails, just in case you were wondering.)

On your right, great vineyards disappear into the distance and, at the end of the road, when the valley becomes even more breath-taking, is the little town of Bonnievale.

Overlooking the distant mountains in a glorious setting is Weltevrede Estate, the home of Philip and Lindelize Jonker, one of the nicest couples in the wine business.

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Tasting can take place in their courtyard if you like and you could order something light to eat at their restaurant to help it all go with a swing.

If you have time, arrange for a tour of the historic underground cellars, fascinating. Philip makes multi-award winning wines including some of the very best MCCs you will find anywhere—and I include France in that sweeping statement. His superb Chardonnays are much loved by those who will drink nothing else, and just to prove that he knows what he is doing, his Cabernet and Pinotage are out of this world, magnificent.

Oupa en Ouma se Wyn, one deep dark red and the other light straw colour, are delightful, not too sweet with just enough tang to rein it all in—think raisins, cherries, and honey.

Weltevrede Wine selection

If it all gets too much for you there are cottages to hire so you won’t have to go back to reality too soon, and if the urge to marry is in the air, weddings here are memorable in the very best sense. The Weltevrede motto is “Live to inspire,” which they certainly do—with gusto.

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Weltevrede Wine Estate

The Guest Cottage.

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