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Alice in Wonderland at Pajamas and Jam

Alice in Wonderland at Pajamas and Jam
I suppose if one lives in the extreme tranquillity of Somerset West or in the very popular beach town that is The Strand one has to do something to lift the offbeat factor that makes things go round so delightfully.

Alice in Wonderland springs to mind when one visits Pajamas and Jam situated in the industrial area that lies between these two social circles.

Wildly popular with the locals it has just about everything one can use or not as the mood takes one. And there is food—delicious it is with scones and jam to die for.

An old military helicopter—a real one on a platform –signals that you have arrived, and the smell of delicious homemade goodies tells you they know what they are doing there.

Pajamas and Jam is cluttered with a collection of antiques and old bric a brac, and next door is a shop where you can hire fancy dress, this is the place for breakfasts of eggs done in various ways with beef or pork sausage, maybe even chicken livers on toast.

Lunch features gourmet sandwiches with things like curried chicken with bacon and onion marmalade or generous salads with tuna or chicken mayo.

Above all, it is somewhere to unwind, undo the belt just a little and (there’s that word!) CHILL—in capital letters.

Phone 021 854 6408

Words: Greg Landman

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