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The Breakfast Run in Franschhoek

The Breakfast Run in Franschhoek

Franschhoek opens its arms to some serious bikes and cars on Sunday mornings….

One of the best things about overnighting in Franschhoek is that you get to eat breakfast there. Breakfast you say? What so special about that? Well, on Sunday mornings the town of Franschhoek is THE place to find some serious machines on show.

And I am not talking about anything that you can use for manufacturing—unless you consider a certain frisson when you see what comes to town then. The reason for this influx is because the town has just the right glitzy edge to it, like Madonna who keeps re-inventing herself to suit the mood. The men –and gals—who own these machines strut around as pleased as punch with all the attention they attract. Not for them the studied air of blasé and ennui so often to be seen when something exciting is happening in Cape Town.

I remember being at the Mount Nelson for tea some years ago when Leonardo Di Caprio walked in from the garden with no entourage present, a baseball cap set backwards on his head. Everybody there pretended nothing was happening, while they gritted their teeth with excitement. Well, that doesn’t happen in Franschhoek. This is a whole different ball game.

Breakfast is the reason for their being there and the favoured places are KALFI’S in the Main Street, ESSENCE ON HUGUENOT SQUARE, and the new kid on the block, TUK TUK MICROBREWERY –all of them jam packed with hungry manne and their ladies.

And it’s not only bikes that get to be the stars that day—some fabulous cars make their presence known in no uncertain manner. Even if you might never have one of these fabulous machines—you can look can’t you?

Words and Pictures: Greg Landman

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