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Café Rosa’s Charming Garden

Café Rosa’s Charming Garden

When driving through the little town of Robertson it is great that one can slow down a bit. Isn’t that after all why we leave the big city and look for a slower pace? Stop and count your blessings and smell the roses—clichés but so relevant.

One of the best places there is DSC_0841Café Rosa — with a charming garden out back and a deck from which to survey it all. Don’t expect fancy cuisine here—they don’t do it, but if you want something deliciously tasty and a glass of wine of your choice this is for you.

Breakfasts are particularly good, with eggs done in various ways to suit your taste. The one they call Farmhouse has sausages, bacon AND minute steak, chips, fried tomato, and mushrooms, as well as eggs—a cholesterol nightmare but we are not here for medical reasons, are we?

If you really must, there is the one with fruit, yoghurt, muesli, a muffin and honey,which will take care of any guilt.

Various omelettes take up the slack, with the smoked salmon option with capers and cottage cheese being particularly delicious. Nine yummy burgers and fourteen toasted sandwiches are perennial favourites. They also serve pizzas, tortillas, and the freshest salads that make them very popular with the locals.

To crown it all, have a slice of the decadent cake of the day and be on your way, well fed and happy—Robertson style.

Café Rosa 9 Voortrekker Ave Robertson, 023 626 5403

Words: Greg Landman

Pictures: Supplied

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