Chef Guy Bennett Shines at Grande Provence in Franschhoek

The “new” chef at the upmarket Grande Provence restaurant in Franschhoek is making all the right noises.

Words by Greg Landman

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Guy Bennett’s style of cooking is very much influenced by local ingredients and he likes to refer to it as “modern South African.”

This means the plate is not overflowing with dozens of flavours and textures with the star of the dish always apparent right from the get-go.

From light delicately gin cured Franschhoek trout to heavenly rich mushroom and cauliflower risotto, the range of flavours and textures coming from his kitchen is always satisfying—never confusing.

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The beef, potato and gravy dish with tongue done in two versions brings back memories of a farm childhood, while the yellowfin tuna hollers ocean in spades.

His menu is in a constant state of creative flux but you will always be sure of his attention to local suppliers.

He says, “I like to know where the produce comes from, who grows it and how they go about it. I need to know that ethical practices were involved.”

The a la carte menu includes a 3-course lunch at R450 a head or a la carte offerings. A very special place with an elegant interior but the first prize is sitting under the trees on a day when the weather is playing ball.

The excellent wines of the estate are naturals with this kind of cooking.

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