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Cool Climate Wines, Craft Beer and a Country Fair

Cool Climate Wines, Craft Beer and a Country Fair

Once a year – for one day only – the cool-climate wines of the Elim Wine Ward and surrounds come together to deliver a blast of flavours distinct to this wine-growing region.

This year the Elim Wine Festival takes place on Saturday 4 November, at the Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm.

Words by Greg Landman

And in 2017, there are more wine, craft beer, foodie and fun reasons to get to know this cool Overberg countryside, and all it has to offer.

The Elim Wine Festival this year showcases the region’s firm favourites: Strandveld Vineyards, the Black Oystercatcher Wines, the Berrio, The Giant Periwinkle and Ghost Corner, and also sees the return of Land’s End – the first wine of origin Elim to have been released, as well as Zoetendal Wines.

Wineries from just outside Elim also at the festival this year are Sijnn Wines, Lomond, The Drift, Dâbar, and JD Wines. Skipskop Wines, a boutique Napier winery, and Brunia, from Sondagskloof, make their first appearance at the festival.

elim wine festival

Elim is one of only a handful of cool-climate wine regions in South Africa. Given its proximity to the coast, the cool coastal winds and the marginal soils, the region is known for producing crisp wines, with concentrated fruit flavours, unique minerality, and a long finish.

To add to the festival’s flavour sensations, craft breweries Fraser’s Folly and Becker’s Craft Beer will offer their flagship beers, as well as beers brewed just for fest-goers. And wine and beer can be perfectly paired with a range of locally-produced meals, platters, sweets and other tasty products.

Winemakers and brewmasters will also offer intimate tasting sessions at the festival. And a range of fun activities, including a sheepdog herding display, archery on horseback, market stalls and vintage tractors will entertain fest-goers, to the backdrop of three South African bands-Gian Groen, Jacobus Silwer and Borderline.

elim wine festival

The festival takes place on Saturday 4 November at the Black Oystercatcher. Tickets cost R130 – which includes a wine glass and free tastings. Free entry for children under 18 years.

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