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Darling’s Favourite Marmalade Cat

Darling’s Favourite Marmalade Cat
Before Evita Bezuidenhout came to town, the most exciting thing going on in Darling was the annual burst of flowers in spring—then the whole place slipped back into its comfort zone for another year.

Of course there were the orchids, some wine farms, the Nemesia Hotel (no, really), the fabulous butcher, but it was quiet and they liked it like that. They still do actually, but one must eat and one of the most charming places to go for a bite of something is The Marmalade Cat, right on the Main Street. Well, you can’t really get lost in Darling unless you try very hard.

Sandi Collins has been delighting the locals and visitors who pass through for many a year with her fabulous home cooking, especially the yummy cakes and baked goodies. Light as air scones, freshly baked croissants, pancakes, seed and bran muffins with jam and cheese and gourmet omelettes are irresistible breakfast offerings.

Lunch sees the emergence of things like country veg soup with toasted ciabatta, quiches, beef lasagne, ox tail pie slow cooked in red wine with mash, traditional bobotie, lamb pie, and my favourite, slow cooked Greek style lamb shank on a bed of fluffy mash—what’s not to like?

Dessert s of the best baked cheese cake on the West Coast and apple crumble with cream narrowly beat milk tart and chocolate brownies for the most popular choices.

The wine list features some of the best from this area—all at great prices—so nice not to feel your heart has been ripped out when ordering wine in a Cape restaurant.

Friday nights are pizza nights—very popular so book ahead. Service is comfortable and warm in the country manner.


Phone: 022 4922515

Words: Greg Landman

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