Experience Waterford Estate

The Waterford Estate on the Blaauwklippen Road in Stellenbosch has visitors arriving there all the time, many from international destinations. It is famous all over the world for the marvellous experience it offers when it comes to wine tasting.

The set up itself is calmly elegant, beautifully laid out architecturally, like stepping out of the real world—just for a while.

kevin-arnold-at-waterkloofThere are various options wine tasting wise, ranging from what one might call “the usual” to something more exotic. When some of the superb reds Kevin Arnold makes are paired with chocolates made by master chocolatier Richard Von Geusau in Greyton, it all becomes a different ball game.

There is also a wine tasting that allows one to try a specially selected range of older vintages specifically chosen by Kevin himself.

To top it all, if you have the time, there is the option of taking a ride through their fabulous estate in an open Landrover—game ranger style.

The Arnolds have decided to use only half of the land they have for grapes and allow the rest to develop in the best biodiversity manner, retaining Waterkloof’s unique position viticulturally. One thing is sure, whichever way you decide to experience this beautiful place, you will have an experience that will never be forgotten.

Bookings for some of the experiences at Waterford Estate, especially the Landrover ride, are essential.

Words: Greg Landman
Pictures: Supplied

Greg Landman

As the wine writer for Country Life magazine for the last 15 years, Greg has met and interviewed more than 150 of the country’s top wine makers. His articles offer unique insights into where to eat, what to drink, and where to go all over the Western Cape. With his dining companion Beryl Ormsby Browne, he has also reviewed more than 60 country restaurants for the magazine and has been a reviewer for the prestigious Eat Out Guide for 12 years. His passion for everything the winelands has to offer has led him into the world of wine tours. To find out more, visit his website Magic Grape Tours.

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