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Get Stuck at Blikkie Pizzeria in Paternoster

Get Stuck at Blikkie Pizzeria in Paternoster

If you are ever stuck in Paternoster—and this should happen to you at least once in your life—and are yearning to get away from the ‘fancy’ places to eat, pop in at Blikkie Pizzeria for a nibble.

Words by Greg Landman

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The name says it all—what a contradiction—and the menu says the rest.

Fabulous s pizzas with those skinny bases that everybody wants and few achieve hamburgers, (of course)  superb chips (natch!) some fish—(we are at the seaside,) and super sweet goodies like Blikkie Sundaes and heavenly chocolate brownies.

There is a kiddies menu featuring some great versions of the same things to keep the tykes happy.

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On the pizza side you will find quirky West Coast toppings like marinated bokkoms –definitely, an acquired taste, which I haven’t acquired yet, smoked snoek, peppadew and onion. Suitably called The Pater Noster, this is not for the fainthearted.

The one called Blikkie is topped with marinated bokkoms and mussels and definitely has its devotees, judging from the many that came out of the kitchen. My favourite was the breakfast one, topped with mozzarella, salami, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and scrambled eggs, a feast for anyone with a raging appetite.


The Breakfast Pizza

There are 26 pizzas priced from R52 to R115 available so you will not go hungry. The setting overlooking the long beach at the village is a delight, the staff is friendly in the country manner, the ambience is great, so hie thee hence and see what I mean.

PHONE 079 598 8616

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