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Hang out at Voorstrandt at Paternoster

Hang out at Voorstrandt at Paternoster
Paternoster used to be an impoverished fishing village way up on the West Coast which was known for the quality –and size—of the crayfish to be had there.

Today it is a bustling weekend retreat for the well-heeled. The property prices have gone through the roof—literally—and many a Porsche Cayenne is to be seen there when things get going. The only things that have got smaller are the crayfish.

Nevertheless, through very strict building regulations they have managed to keep the Greek look of the place as a major drawcard. Though I personally have never seen a Greek village with so many mansions, visiting here is a decided pleasure. The rat race is very much under control or shall we say under the radar.

Once there, one has to eat, and there are many places from which to choose— like Gaaitjie, Oep ve Koep, Noisy Oyster, and that perennial favourite, Voorstrandt.

This cottage right on the beach obviously specialises in sea food, and if you have ever wanted to sit close by the sea and eat something that recently came out of it, this is the place for you. From mussels in a creamy garlic sauce, through calamari strips lightly fried or grilled, tempura prawns, smoked snoek samosas, you will find something you will enjoy.

The standout main dish is the Malay seafood curry, served with basmati rice and sambals, and carnivores are taken care of with excellent fillet, deep fried chicken and burgers.

The ambience is totally relaxed– really like being a guest in someone’s home—a delight.

Phone: 022 7522 038

Words: Greg Landman

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