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Head to Jardine Restaurant in Stellenbosch Town

Head to Jardine Restaurant in Stellenbosch Town

Multi award-winning chef, George Jardine, never ceases to surprise.

Words by Greg Landman

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He is continuingly re-inventing himself, a kind of culinary Madonna, but his cuisine has never been pretentious, relying on natural flavours to carry the day.

His place in the city was a wow and his restaurant on the Jordan estate continues to be placed in the Top Ten every year. Recently, after waiting many years for exactly the right spot, he opened the cutest little place in the heart of Stellenbosch. The cognoscenti and tourists are flocking there to taste more of the same—but different.

The space includes a tiny courtyard and an intimate dining area, very Stellenbosch, with gleamimg glassware and snappy service to support the food, which changes every week.

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Jardine restaurant

Lunch is an a la carte affair and dinners are offered at R320 for two courses and R380 for three.  Expect things like salt cured pasture reared brisket served with pickled cauliflower, crème fraiche, grainy mustard and crispy onion– a delicious melange of taste and textures to really get those taste buds tingling.

Another starter you might like, especially if you are vegetarian, is roast organic golden beet (R90) with buffalo mozzarella and unusual but delicious vanilla and orange water dressing. The East Coast monkfish cooked on the bone (R160) served with baked white asparagus and sauce béarnaise will delight any fish lover, and the roast Springbok(R200) with sage mousse and forelle pear and curly kale will do the same thing for a carnivore.

The knockout dessert is the coconut panna cotta,(R75) poached rhubarb, sweet tapioca and vanilla ice cream which will fulfil any childhood dream of comfort the old fashioned way. Excellent wines by the glass at R50 and R80 BYO corkage.

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Jardine restaurant

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