The Houw Hoek Farm Stall a Must-see

Words and photos by Greg Landman

Tedious long journeys can be painful but with all the fabulous destinations close by Cape Town we are lucky indeed. This alone should be a temptation to get out and make the most of things before winter (Is it ever coming?) settles in.

One of the most used of all routes out of town is the N1 through Elgin heading towards Bot River, and of course Hermanus. As you start to descend to the coastal plain through the Houw Hoek Pass you will see the famous Houw Hoek Farm Stall, an Aladdin’s café of wonders. I prefer to stop there on the way back so I can load up the car with goodies to devour in town, but either way it is a must see.

houw hoek padstal country life

There is a charming little coffee shop there with great tea, excellent coffee and scones like Gran used to make, but the things to really go for are the sensational pies and the preserves, tempting beyond all the telling of it.

The fruit is packed with country flavours and flowers are to be had at reasobale prices to brighten up the suburban dwelling.  If you are able to leave without buying something you are strong indeed. Why not test yourself?

Houw Hoek Farm Stall: 028 284 9015

houw hoek padstal country life