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Indulge Yourself at Bertus Basson’s Spek and Bone in Stellenbosch

Indulge Yourself at Bertus Basson’s Spek and Bone in Stellenbosch

By Greg Landman

Clever Bertus Basson, well-known for the food he created at Overture and Spice Route, has now fluffed up his tail feathers at his new place in Stellenbosch, Spek  en Bone. 

It is named after his pet pig called – guess what – Spek, and his pet dog, Bone. These two are the best of friends, apparently, and must be the first combination of its kind in our neck of the woods.

The name also refers to Bacon and Beans when you get right down to it, but whichever way you want to call it, it is a find of note.


Bertus Basson

The setting is a sheltered courtyard in the centre of town with a huge vine overgrowing it all. The concept is small plates of food served tapas style – perfect for sharing. Whatever you order will come out of the kitchen as it is ready and with the menu changing all the time, one simply can’t get bored.

The Mac and Cheese tots and crispy squid with aioli are deliciously crunchy, and just the thing to get those lazy taste buds going. The sourdough bread with olive oil mousse will bring out the oink factor in even the most resistant palate.

More serious are the yuzu dressed tacos filled with fried fish morsels and avocado puree. The hand-chopped steak tartare with cornichons and capers is just the ticket for an avid carnivore.

The knockout dessert is peppermint crisp ice cream cones, an irresistible throw back to a pampered childhood.


The wine list is nicely representative, if heftily priced, and includes Billecart Salmon champagne for when you are feeling flush. Various craft beers are also available.

Service is low key from an attentive and good looking crew.

Speke en Bone is bound to be wildly popular this summer in Die Eikestad.

Spek en Bone can be found at 84 Dorp Street in Stellenbosch. For enquiries phone: 082 569 8958.

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