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Is Tuk Tuk a Mexican Word?

Is Tuk Tuk a Mexican Word?

The Tuk Tuk Microbrewery comes to Franschhoek town.

Tuk Tuk Microbrewery TerraceIf you have a hankering for the very best beers brewed right on the spot and tapped off to your heart’s content you had better get yourself to Franschhoek. There you will find a microbrewery worth its salt fast becoming a favourite with locals and with visitors from all over.

Obviously one is in the heart of one of South Africa’s premier wine areas with many famous wine estates from which to choose, so it makes great change to be able to get some fabulous beer in town. Coupled with the beer there is excellent Mexican cuisine on hand, the two things seeming to be made for each other.

There are various beers available, all made by master brewer Dewald Goosen who honed his craft at CBC. They include a Weiss, a Pale Ale, a Lager and a Dunkel, all delicious, but my favourite was the Weiss which is described as “very fruity and lively with racy notes and some sweetness—big on personality.” Naturally a favourite.

The Mexican menu includes things like various tacos with chicken and tuna, nachos smothered in cheese, excellent ceviche with sour cream and nachos, cheese quesadillas with smoked chicken, and irresistible spicy sweetcorn nuggets with a sharp chipotle sauce. The beers can be had as four to be tasted in 100ml glasses or on tap in large beer glasses.

The place is high tech copper in its décor, a great place for the manne and their ladies to unwind in style. When the weather is good the terrace is just the place to be. Very much one of THE “in” places right now in Franschhoek.

Words: Greg Landman

Pictures: Supplied

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