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Klein Roosboom – A Gem of a Place

Klein Roosboom – A Gem of a Place

Every now and then I come across a gem of a place that is a total pleasure to visit.

On the Tygerberg Valley Road as you drive past the imposing fortress that is Durbanville Hills wine estate, there is a bend in the road and a sign saying Klein Roosboom that you can so easily miss. Take the time to drive in to this boutique winery and see what magic owner Karin de Villiers has wrought there.

The ancient cellars where wine was stored in the old days have been turned into cute little rooms, one of them still bearing the stains of red wines on its walls. They are wildly popular with people who like lounging around on cushions. There is the occasional sofa for people like me who find this sort of thing just great for the Bedouins but not for me.


A better idea in my opinion is to call ahead and reserve a table in the cellar or outside if the weather is good. There you can do a wine tasting of some of Karin’s excellent wine and order a platter of something really delicious to go with it. Various kinds of charcuterie, cheeses, fruit and preserves and really good bread are available at prices that won’t break the bank. If you are able to resist the urge to buy wine, especially some of their delicious MCC, you are a stronger person than me.

Klein Roosboom Cellar

Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville 

Words: Greg Landman

Pictures: Supplied

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