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Live to Eat with Errieda Du Toit

Live to Eat with Errieda Du Toit

Feeling a bit peckish? Instead of doing the normal; eat to live, we recommend you live to eat with Errieda Du Toit’s Tuistafel, a fresh new look at classic recipes.

There are cook books that are so gorgeous, so beautifully illustrated, so obviously for the coffee table, that one could never see them in any kitchen. Errieda Du Toit’s Tuistafel is definitely not one of those. If the first reading of a cook book makes you salivate to eat the things therein and hasten to the kitchen and start making them, in my book, if you will excuse the expression, they have succeeded spectacularly.

Tuistafel does this in spades. Do not expect some quaint examples of koeksuster and vetkoek treasures here. Oh no, this is a freewheeling trip through the lands Errieda has visited with nods to her homeland.

Here are charming stories of the family, delicious writing about the roots from which she comes, nostalgic without being precious, beautifully photographed by her husband Ian and whimsically illustrated by talented Roelien Boovens.

Recipes for Bourride and Rouille from the South of France, and Canelé Bordelaise are featured cheek by jowl with fabulous mielie butters from Ian (who would have thought you could do so much with a mielie?) and Karringmelk poeding done the classic way. Mechoui lamb from Morocco and a tomato and cheese savoury clafoutis look ridiculously easy and are number one on my experimental list.

Published by Human and Rousseau at approximately R375 Hardcover.

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