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Lunch at the Governor’s Restaurant at Rijk’s in Tulbagh

Lunch at the Governor’s Restaurant at Rijk’s in Tulbagh

In spite of its rather grand name, this delightful country restaurant is perfect when you are visiting Tulbagh.

Words and images by Greg Landman

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The town itself has a row of historic houses which were almost all destroyed in the earthquake of 1969 but have been lovingly restored to their former glory.

Walking through this area one steps back in time to an era long gone—to an age when gracious living was considered something to strive for. There are some of the country’s very best wine estates to visit, one of which is Rijk’s, not to be missed. Rijk’s Country Hotel is part of the estate and makes a delicious place to lunch.

The prices won’t break the bank and the cuisine is Cape Country comfort food at its best—no frills and flourishes.  Try the traditional fish cakes made with smoked snoek and served with mango atjar, pickled cucumber, and mash—irresistible. The pork and bean potjie is served in the cutest little potjie, superbly rich with butterbeans and samp.

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Try the butternut and lentil bobotie served with turmeric infused basmati rice, almonds, raisins and sambals. This can be converted for avid vegans by replacing the custard topping with panko crumbs—a thoughtful touch.

The chocolate and ginger tart with ginger orange vanilla liqueur makes a richly satisfying ending. Winemaker Pierre Wahl’s superb prize winning wines are available to help it all along and service is low key and friendly in the country manner.

PHONE 023 230 1006

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