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Montagu, an Art Deco Haven

Montagu, an Art Deco Haven

Montagu Country Hotel, an art deco treasure…

The town of Montagu is almost a village really. Visiting there one feels the pace slow to a gracious clip clop—one can almost hear the carriages go by. Nothing epitomises the ambience of the place more than the Montagu Country Hotel, a delightful art deco haven packed with memorabilia.

The owner is one Gert Lubbe, very well known in these parts and a driving force behind the Route 62 which meanders through some of the most famous wine routes of the Cape into the Little Karoo and in which Montagu is an ideal place to stop over.


The restaurant there reminds one of dining on one of the old mail ships that used to ply between Cape Town and Southampton, gracious and calm. The cuisine is wholesome and hearty but does not lack innovation. Their famous lamb pie is a must have and the range of wines from this famous wine area is obviously the best one can get.

A tickling piano in the corner of the large room and elegant low lighting picking up the patina on the antique pieces all go to make an old world charm so typical of the hotel. The bar is just the place to have an aperitif before and a little digestive after a delicious meal. Where else are you going to be able to have a shot of Akkedis Bult Witblits?


The rooms are equally retro with high ceilings and generous spaces. Nowhere does one feel stinted on room to expand in or to let your belt out just a little. Breakfast on the shaded terrace is a delight and, if you really must, there are two swimming pools, one naturally heated like the famous springs of the town.

The Garden Cottage is the perfect place to book if you want to take in the garden at its best, and all other rooms are spacious and quiet retreats after a day exploring, which can be arranged in one of their vintage luxury American cars—now there’s a treat.

Words: Greg Landman

Pictures: Supplied

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