Morgenster Somerset West the Home of the Best Wine and Olive Oils

The grape and the olive go hand in hand in most countries where these two ancient fruits thrive.

Of course the Mediterranean countries are best known for wine and olive oil, which have significant spiritual meaning there, but in the so called New World they thrive as well.

One of the reasons is that the two have opposite growing cycles, which complement each other, the work force being occupied when the other crop is growing—very clever.

One of the very best olive oils in SA is from Morgenster in Somerset West, which belongs to the patrician Italian Giulio Bertrand.

Not only are the olive oils from Morgenster world famous, with accolades from the Flos Olei Guide, which assesses all the world’s top oils, but the wines from there are equally superb. Obviously quality is of paramount importance to these players.

The Flos Olei Guide 2017 awarded the Morgenster olive oil 98 out of a possible 100 points, the fourth year this has happened. Only 14 producers from all over the world have achieved this high score, with only four of them doing so for four consecutive years.

The installation of the very best Pieralisi olive press available recently at Morgenster ensures that the very best olive oils will continue to come from this famous supplier. So when you are in the area pop in for a tasting in the most congenial surroundings.

MORGENSTER PHONE: 021 852 1738

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