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Pass the Toffees, Darling

Pass the Toffees, Darling

By Greg Landman

The town that Evita Bezuidenhout has made her own is a hive of busy little bees.

Fresh from her triumph of receiving the Freedom of the City of Oudtshoorn Tannie Evita said—“Now I have something President Zuma will never have—the freedom of the City of Oudtshoorn.“ A proud day for her indeed.

Other news from the little town of Darling is that the Darling Sweet Company is going from strength to strength and has added two more flavours to its delicious range.

darling sweets

The company opened its doors in July 2014 and has since provided employment for many of the residents of this charming little place – an inspirational story if ever there was one.  Co-founder Frits van Ryneveld says, “Our main aim is job creation and career development opportunities for our community. We are very proud to have grown to a staff complement of 20 full time employees—all under the banner of the Proudly South African campaign.”

Production takes place in a stately Edwardian building that once housed Darling’s General Dealer Business. The toffees are crafted using traditional methods with no artificial colorants, flavourings or preservatives. They also use flavours that are unique to Darling and its surrounds, using as many locally sourced products as possible.

Flavours include Tannie Evita’s Classic, Honey and Salt, Red Wine and Chocolate, Orange and Cranberry, Liquorice, Bird’s Eye Chili and Ormonde Wines. Three toffee spreads feature locally sourced raw veld flower honey and hand harvested fleur de sel, and of course Tannie Evita’s favourite.

The two new flavours are Coffee Toffee and Mint—worthy to join this irresistible line up.

Visit Darling Sweets at KAMERS/Makers Johannesburg show 26-30 April 2017 at St Johns College, Houghton and the Cape Town show 24-28 Mei 2017 at Castle of Good Hope. For more info go to  www.kamersvol.com  or shop.kamersvol.com  

CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE AT http://darlingsweet.co.za

darling sweets

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