Pierneef Exhibition Dazzles at La Motte Franschhoek

The La Motte estate in Franschhoek has a long association with the world famous SA artist Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886-1957). The estate itself is a perfect example of the magnificent things that can be achieved when the formidable combination of taste and money come to their natural conclusion.

When visiting here and walking in the tranquility of the gardens one is removed from the hurly-burly of today into an era when life was more gracious and living was a pleasure to be indulged. It is natural therefore, that La Motte should be custodians of the legacy of one of SA’s most famous artists.

Pierneef Exhibition Art Franschoek

Pierneef’s daughter Marita, who is 90 this year, is a friend of La Motte and Hanneli Rupert –Koegelenberg and her husband Hein visit her at her home in the UK.

The current collection is vastly extended from what one remembers and traces of Pierneef’s work from a very early age in Belgium and the Netherlands, in which the influence of the early Impressionists can be clearly seen.

The development of his style to the geometric precision of the later works is excitingly brought to life by what is on display at La Motte at the moment. Works are on loan from private collections and others all over the world, making it a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this collection under one roof.

Pierneef Exhibition Art Franschoek

The exhibition will run throughout 2017, so make a point of getting there. Not only will you get an eyeful of some fabulous art but take in a wine tasting and have a bite to eat at their excellent restaurant, which pays tribute to the spirit of Pierneef.

La Motte 021 876 8000

Greg Landman

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