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A Plodka is Born in Franschhoek

A Plodka is Born in Franschhoek

What to do when you live on an idyllic farm in Franschhoek and have large plum orchards, the fruit of which you are no longer able to export owing to EU restrictions that force you to use many insecticides?

Words by Greg Landman. Photographs by Jaco Voges

You notice the birds are dying off from the unfriendly spraying and the friendly ecologically balanced insects no longer come visiting.

plodka peach franschhoek

What to do with all that fruit? Let it fall to the ground and rot? “No way,” said young Jonathan Lermer, whose folks own the gorgeous farm La Verdure. “I will make slivovitz,“ said he with a determined thrust to his chin. And so it came to be—not just any slivovitz but one so gorgeous, so delicious one could drink plenty of it but one shouldn’t.

plodka peaches franschhoek

Jonathan and his Plodka still

This PLODKA, which is what Jonathan has called it, is redolent with the aroma of plums, packed with delicious nuances of the soil, all of which take one back to delightful moments spent on their farm.

Not only that but it is 43% proof and too many will take the top of thy head off. In moderation, a great find—just the thing to help all that rich Franschhoek food down the old throat.

At the moment available from the farm at R280 a bottle and in select –and fancy –restaurants in the area like Reuben’s and Roca. But wait—there is more—Jonathan has made absinthe using wormwood grown on the farm –a knockout in more ways than one—watch this space.


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