Pop Into the Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar

Not everyone has time to go to Bartinney’s Tasting Shed on the farm so it’s a really a great idea that one can actually go their Wine Bar right on Stellenbosch town.

All the great Bartinney wines are available there including their excellent bubbly made by master wine maker Ronell Wiid. And the good news is that it is all reasonably priced. In addition there are available cheese and meat platters and other nibbly things to take the edge off that hunger at prices that will not break the bank.

If you are not into wine (why not?) there are some excellent beers available.  Of course this is not one of those fabulous and notorious pubs much loved by students throughout the year but it is not as precious as some of the places one will find very much on the tourist circuit.

Also remember that it is not a restaurant but a perfect spot to unwind on a day when it is all getting a bit much for you. After all this is Stellenbosch where the art of relaxing has been brought to its natural—and much perfected—conclusion.

So when next there, pop in and unwind. Open 11 to 9.

7 Church ST

Phone: 021 885 1013


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