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A Slice of Heaven at Postcard Café in Jonkershoek Valley

A Slice of Heaven at Postcard Café in Jonkershoek Valley

By Greg Landman

The setting of The Postcard Café on Stark-Conde farm in the Jonkershoek Valley in Stellenbosch would be enough to make it a must for anyone with eyes in their head.

Add to this the great food to be had there, the energetic and friendly service, the out of this world setting of the tasting room, the fabulous wines and one has a match made in heaven.

Sitting on the terrace overlooking the spectacular mountains, eating something delicious with amenable company and a glass of something great—what’s not to like, as we say in Sea Point? Owner, Marie Condé, is always on hand making sure the whole thing works like a clock.

Stark-Condé Estate View

The antipasto plate – available in two sizes depending on your appetite — has delicious charcuterie, some excellent cheeses, an artichoke or two, and some tasty mushrooms, all served with crunchy sourdough bread, a perfect way to whet the appetite.

Go on to baked stuffed mushrooms– nice and rich with cheese and crushed cashews, or beef and mushroom lasagne if you are hankering for something more substantial—both intensely delicious.

The deconstructed hamburger without a bun—an often unnecessary adjunct to this dish—served teriyaki style with steamed rice, veggies and potato wedges, is substantial and satisfying.

The lamb curry with rice is in Thai style red curry sauce so it doesn’t overpower the w ine. Talking of wine, there is no BYO but the prize winning wines –especially the reds—of the estate are available at cellar door prices and there are some excellent craft beers.

Finish off with baked cheesecake, one of the best in this town. Oh, and if you don’t do a wine tasting in their Japanese style, willow bedecked island tasting room you will be missing what could be a great moment in your life.

Phone: 021 861 7703

Postcard Café Seafood Paella Hi Res - Copy

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