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Stellenbosch’s Mont Marie

Stellenbosch’s Mont Marie

At Mont Marie there is something very appealing about sitting on a deck overlooking an expanse of water with a mountain range in the distance gazing back at you.

Add to this the very agreeable taste of a good glass of wine, some delicious food, and all one needs is some agreeable company to make the time zoom by most pleasantly. Most of these things can be easily provided at Mont Marie on the Blaauwklippen Road in Stellenbosch. The company is your department.


The menu is a large one and the portions are generous in the country manner. Included in the starters is something unusual, a biltong and squid on noodles dish which turns out to be delicious, snails, which are not everyone’s favourite, mussel chowder soup and oxtail gnocchi which are available in starter or main portions. The most popular dish is the man sized burger with all the trimmings, but the fillet steak served with broccoli mash, grated horse radish and carrot puree seems to run a very close second.

There are more exotic things like pork belly with apple, carrots and soy dressing and duck tortilla served with wasabi mayo and coleslaw, very interesting. The other Mexican dish is/are the nachos with smoked tomato and red pepper, guacamole, sour cream and ginger chili sauce, nice and sharp for lovers of this kind of cooking.

Various pizzas and a kid’s meal to keep the little ones going are available as well. The poached guava with salted caramel ice cream and malva pudding is a must have to end things off. Service is smooth and friendly and the wine list is well priced and adequate.

Blaauwklippen Road, 021 880 0777


Words and Pictures: Greg Landman

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