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Sunday Roasts at Majeka House

Sunday Roasts at Majeka House

Sunday Roasts at Majeka House, Stellenbosch… Greg Landman discovers that it delivers in spades

There are some places that just make you want to breathe a sigh of contentment as you arrive, even before you have had a glass of something to ocelebrate.

Majeka House -M Bar (High Res)

One of these that delivers in spades is the luxurious world of Majeka House in Stellenbosch. It has been long known for the fabulous accommodation there, for the private swimming pools dotted all over the estate, and for the Spa treatments where you can be pampered until you unravel like a wet string. There is also the elegant bar and the lounge areas with just the right amount of bling to make it move along very nicely, and of course its excellent restaurant, Makaron.

A most delightful way to take a load off your feet these Sundays is to hop into the car and go to Makaron to partake of their Sunday roast. Famed Chef Peter Goffe- Wood and Chef Lucas Carstens have concocted some satisfying treats that make Sundays special in this neck of the woods.

The main course could be roast lamb one week, beef the next and maybe chicken after that. There is a fish course if that suits you better and a vegetarian option. Starters could be mushroom risotto or salad, and finishing up with local cheeses and preserves is just the ticket.

Majeka House-Sunday Roast 3 (HR)

The excellent service and extensive wine collection add to the pleasure. If you want to splash out and make a weekend of it, staying over in luxury is just the way to revive a relationship – or maybe kindle a new one?

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