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Take a Trip to Dornier in Stellenbosch

Take a Trip to Dornier in Stellenbosch

Words and photography by Greg Landman

The Dornier estate in Stellenbosch belongs to the famous Dornier family—Swiss pioneers in the aircraft industry — so don’t be surprised when you see some great historic pictures there that depict some of the family aircraft through the ages.


Some historic photographs highlight the family’s aviation roots

The range of wines they make is heavily influenced—of course –by the place where the farm is situated, overlooked by the magnificent Stellenbosch Mountains.  As you sit on the veranda of their tasting area you look across an expanse of water framed by the mountains at their iconic cellar which evokes the impression of flight with its expressive architecture. The ambience is one of calm, of being at peace with the world.

The range of wines includes some superb reds like the Donatus, a superb 4 way Bordeaux style blend, and its sister the Donatus White, a delicious blend featuring Chenin and Semillon. One of the best in their Dornier range is the Chenin Blanc Bush Vine and the Pinotage, both excellent examples of the best in this area. The Cocoa Hill range is user friendly and features a red blend, a Chenin, Sauvignon Blanc and a feisty Merlot rose.


The veranda at Dornier-just the place to unwind

So when you have time take a trip there and taste some for yourself. Other facilities include a restaurant and a Manor House with accommodation for thirsty travellers.

Dornier Wines in Stellenbosch can be found on Blaauwklippen Road, or contacted at 021 880 0557.

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