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The Goatshed at Fairview Paarl

The Goatshed at Fairview Paarl

On a recent trip to Paarl, I decided to pop in to The Goatshed, expecting to find it much used and possibly just a little tired around the edges. After all, it has been going for so long and has had thousands of visitors through its doors, how could it possibly have remained fresh and interesting?

DSC_0768Well, the good news is that it has retained that charm it always had, and even more importantly, the food is excellent. Any place where the menu begins with the wine selection is just fine by me.

The goats still walk up and down their tower much to the delight of children of all ages. They look so blasé with all the attention as if they had been photographed so many times it is quite a bore. The peacocks strut around and will even open up their tail feathers if they are in the mood.

The famous cheese and wine tasting rooms are must see places to go, but the restaurant itself is numero uno. On a hot day, the cool interior is just great but if things are more comfortable outside, the terrace is much vied for.

Platters of charcuterie and cheese and a few glasses of their excellent wines are the perfect way to relax, and their breads are enough to make one give up any idea of dieting again—ever. If you want something more substantial, go along at lunchtime and try the fabulous chicken pie, the rich meatballs and pasta, the beef sirloin with Caesar salad and potato wedges, or the slow roasted lamb with feta cous cous and yoghurt , very Greek. Finish up with some of their outstanding baked cheese cake and take home wine and cheese just because you can.

So when you have a hankering to get into the country and have some fun, head out to Fairview and make it all happen. Do phone ahead and book or you might be disappointed.

Words: Greg Landman

Pictures: Supplied

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