Visit the Beaumonts of Bot River and Drink Wine

No trip to Bot River is complete without making a “draai” to the famous Beaumont farm.

Word by Greg Landman.

Here Jayne Beaumont, a talented artist, started making wine in 1974 with her late husband Raoul, a legendary character in these parts.

She had made wine before but finally got into it with the gusto it needs. The original name of the farm was Compagnes Drift, a far flung outpost for the Dutch at the Cape.

bot river wine farm

Plenty of hard work and passion have made it the place it is today, the centre of a close knit family. Today the winemaking is in the talented hands of her son Sebastian who makes wines of great intensity and character. His bother Lucien is an experienced game ranger, and his sister, Ariane, after whom one of his fabulous wines is named, is married to well-known publisher Jean Pierre Rossouw.


The wines include the superb Hope Marguerite, which is named after “our grandmother.“ It is one of the finest in SA, winner of four Platter Five Star Awards, barrel fermented, elegant, mature and complex, a fitting tribute. The Ariane is a magnificent Cab led Bordeaux style blend, a refined classic with deep dark red berry flavours, heaven to drink.

The unwooded Chenin is delicious and just the thing to throw down the old throat when parchness sets in. Do not leave without tasting their superb Cape Vintage, which we are not allowed to call Port, packed with fruit cake intensity, a heady mix indeed, and Sebastian’s Chenin Late Harvest, a cracker of raisiny pleasure called Beaumont Goutte D”Or.

So go and see for yourself, order a farm picnic or platter, sit down and relax, and if it all gets too much for you, stay over in one of the charming cottages on the farm. Who knows, you might never want to leave.

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bot river wine farm

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