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Waterford Stellenbosch – A World of its Own

Waterford Stellenbosch – A World of its Own

One of the most beautiful estates in a part of the world noted for that sort of thing is Waterford in Stellenbosch.

Words by Greg Landman

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Owned by Jeremy Ord and partner Kevin Arnold it is a haven of calm which belies the ongoing industry which makes it all happen. It is now 20 years –a mere wink of the eye in the scheme of Cape wine farms where many have been in the same families for 200 years or more—since Kevin Arnold started making wine there.

Today these wines are known all over the world for their uncompromising quality. They have legions of followers who ensure that the most popular are always sold out.

Take for instance the glorious red blend which is called The Jem—named after Jeremy Ord—of which 16000 bottles are made every year. Even at R1000 a bottle it is difficult to get your hands on one. The reason is because there is no other like it—a magnificent blend of French, Italian, and Spanish grape varietals it is deep dark and mysterious—a red wine lover’s dream come true.

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Young winemaker Mark Le Roux has been working closely with Kevin for many years and is now the winemaker at Waterford, assuming the mantle of greatness as if to the manner born.

Wisely deciding not to reinvent the wheel he is never the less putting his stamp on things with great finesse. He is making fabulous white wines like the superb Grenache Blanc, the grapes of which come from a magnificently situated site on the fam, rich and packed with fresh fruit flavours and aromatics—wonderful.

The courtyard at Waterford is magnificently Spanish—with its iconic fountain in the middle—just the place to withdraw into another place and era—in great style. Go there and see for yourself.

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