A Better Way to Go Green

You know you should be doing something to help save our planet, but it sounds hard. That’s where A Greener Tomorrow – Simple Ways to Go Green comes in handy.

Go Green Book Header

Local contributors like Melissa Delport offer handy tips to make SA greener.
“Turn off your TV and plant flowers with the children” – Melissa Delport.

Going green all at once is too much for almost anyone to achieve. Instead, try to make just one change, or add one new sustainable habit, each week. After one year you will be surprised at how much you have accomplished

A Greener Tomorrow will give you tips on simple things that you can start doing straight away – be it at work, at home, and in your garden. Let’s all do our part in saving this planet – allow our children’s grandchildren to still live in a world that is beautiful.

A Greener Tomorrow will be available in all good bookshops in September 2014. If your favourite bookshop does not have copies on their shelves please ask them to order a copy for you from Jonathan Ball Publishers (and quote this reference: ISBN 978-0-620-60210-5).

You will be able to download the e.book of A Greener Tomorrow from all good online retailers (including Amazon).


Learn more and buy the book here.

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