Country Life Podcast: Craig Higginson

In the latest episode of the Country Life Podcast, Nancy Richards chats to author and playwright Craig Higginson.

Author of The Dream House (Picador Africa), Craig’s latest novel The White Room (Picador Africa) follows the complex relationship of Hannah Meade and her former student Pierre.

Being a writer of both novels and plays, Craig sits down with Nancy to discuss the differences between these two mediums and how he’s been able to combine them in The White Room. They touch on the topics of dialogue, prose and scene-setting.

The White Room is available in all major bookstores from R265.

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Leigh Hermon

A journalist by trade, features writer on occasion and now the digital editor of SA Country Life. The first chance she gets, Leigh will tell you about a podcast she was recently listening to and how you simply have to make the move from radio. In a previous life, she once taught English on Jeju which left her with an insatiable craving for kimchi.

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