Book Review: Master Bonsai

Master Bonsai – A practical and inspirational guide by Rudi Adam

Master Bonsai is a well laid out, easy to understand reference book to the art of bonsai. It has clear instructions, detailed diagrams and helpful tips make it suitable for bonsai experts and beginners. As an enthusiastic beginner, I enjoy delving into its glossy pages before I go to sleep.

Master Bonsai - reviewer Daniel Bowley-SmithRudi Adam’s book is exquisitely illustrated with photographs of these intriguing and somehow mysterious trees by Ivan Naudé. It’s a hands-on guide aimed at anyone interested in bonsai and concisely covers the topic ranging many fields from basic bonsai anatomy to highly advanced techniques. The South African enthusiast with limited access to information regarding bonsai styling and propagation of South African trees will be delighted to discover that a large portion of the book is dedicated to the use of indigenous species.

Reviewed by Daniel Bowley-Smith

Book details:

Published by Metz Press and printed by the Tien Wah Press of Singapore in 2013

ISBN 978-1-920479-80-0

Available in Afrikaans: Bonsai: Bemeester die Kuns

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