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Image Club Winners for September 2018

Image Club Winners for September 2018

The countryside through our readers’ eyes and lenses. Here are this month’s four winning entries in our photographic competition.

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This month’s Image Club judge

This month’s judge is Shaen Adey, a professional photographer and freelance journalist based in Cape Town. Shaen recently added a drone to her collection, which has been an exciting learning curve. She says she will always have a soft spot for wildlife and landscape images but that her lifestyle has pushed her towards extreme sports and aerial photography. It is similar to wildlife  photography in many ways, she says, where precise timing,  composition and excellent light all come together with a click of the button.

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First Prize

A R1 000 voucher from Burblepix, which can be spent on photobooks, canvases and journals.

Kobus Smit is a winner in our Image Club competition for September 2018

Here’s a stunning image of a ruin washed in moonlight, taken at Groot Brak on the Garden Route. There’s also just enough of a splash of artificial light to add detail and depth to the picture without overriding the mood. The soft pink clouds draw my eye through the scene creating a lovely sense of movement. What’s interesting is the moon. It breaks a few rules: it’s not sitting on the third’s line which usually helps balance a picture,  and it’s also slightly blown out. That works in this case, it looks misty and adds a touch of romance to the picture, rather than being a distraction.

Photographer Kobus Smit

Camera Canon D5 MKIV, 16-35 mm at 35mm

Settings f3.2 at 1/30 sec, ISO 320, five-stack image

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Second Prize

A R750 voucher from Burblepix, which can be spent on photobooks, canvases and journals.

Elaine de Bruin won second prize in our September Image Club competition

I always encourage photographers to take the picture they first see and then step back, look at the scene again and think about how to improve on the standard shot. Elaine has done exactly that. She has moved beyond the normal petal picture and turned it into something creative. The colours are whacky and fun, purple and orange are almost opposite on the colour chart. The stem winds into the picture, and the circle holds not only the droplet with the flower’s reflection, but full visual attention.

Photographer Elaine de Bruin

Camera Nikon D7000, 90mm lens

Settings f6 at 1/500 sec, ISO 200

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Third Prize

A R500 voucher from Burblepix, which can be spent on photobooks, canvases and journals.

A really powerful image, taken at Rooiputs Waterhole in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Anthony has gone down to ground level and is literally engaging eye-to-eye with the lioness at a waterhole. It’s not a technically difficult shot, but it’s nicely balanced, crispy sharp, well exposed and taken in good light  all key elements in creating a great shot. The timing is spot on, capturing the exact moment the tongue slurps the water. I like the use  of a limited depth of field, which reduces the distraction created by the white stones in the background.

Photographer Anthony Woodhouse

Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 600mm lens

Settings f5.6 at 1/4000 sec, ISO 500

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Fourth Prize

A R250 voucher from Burblepix, which can be spent on photobooks, canvases and journals.

ollie Venter won fourth prize in our September Image Club competition

A splendid, moody scene of the iconic stone bridge outside Barkly East in the Eastern Cape Highlands. Well done, Lollie, you’ve ‘painted’ a classic image by photographing in rich, golden light. Looking at the picture I get a great sense of balance.  The rocks in the foreground and trees on the sides and top of the bridge all sit comfortably on the third’s line. The main subject, in this case the bridge, is the brightest so draws my attention right into the shot. Everything has come together to create a beautiful landscape image.

Photographer Lollie Venter

Camera Canon EOS 60D, 18-200mm at 40mm

Settings f11 at 1/800 sec, ISO 320

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How to enter

Think you can do better? Then head over to our Image Club entry form and throw your hat in the ring. Who knows? You might just be our next winner.

Thank you to Burblepix for supplying us with prizes for our winners.

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