Win Fortified Wines with Van Loveren to Keep You Warm This Winter

Summer is over, but there is no need to despair; now you can spend chilly evenings with Van Loveren Family Vineyards’ award-winning fortified wines in front of a roaring fire.

The Van Loveren Red Muscadel is the ideal companion to desserts and fruit while the Cape Ruby pairs perfectly with fine, flavourful cheeses. End your dinner party on a high note by wowing guests with a savoury cheese and Cape Ruby combination or a Red Muscadel and rich chocolate Brownie pairing.

Visit Van Loveren in the Robertson Valley to enjoy food & wine pairings, lunch at Christina’s bistro, hiking, MTB’ing or join a garden or cellar tour. For more information, call (023) 615 1505, email [email protected] or find them on social media.

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Van Loveren Wines

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