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The Evolution of Goat Eyes

The Evolution of Goat Eyes

Goats are fascinating creatures.

They were one of the first animals to be domesticated, and, like a dog, you can give a goat a name and it will respond to it.

Goats are also inquisitive animals. It has been widely reported that a goat will eat any kind of litter if it’s left lying around, but this isn’t factually correct. Animal behaviorists now believe that goats chew on things to find out more about them, most likely to see if they are edible.

The most recent goat research was done in the UK. Scientists at the Queen Mary University of London discovered that goats have accents.

What we’re most interested in is goat eyes. The shape of the pupils is very distinct, and we’ve been wondering for years why this might be.

Tech Insider finally has the answer. Check out the video below.

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