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Five Smart Fish Facts

Five Smart Fish Facts

Fish are stupid, right? Well, it seems not. Scientists have been hard at work and have made some discoveries recently that might change the way we look at fish.

1. Goldfish

It was discovered, for example, that goldfish have a three month memory, which is much longer than the age old three second myth. Goldfish can also tell the time.

Back in 1994 biologists tested this notion by hooking a rudimentary lever to a feeding mechanism. This mechanism only worked one hour out of the 24 and the fish eventually figured this out, which proves they have some form of memory.

2. Crimson-spotted rainbowfish

According to a study published in 2001, this fish can recall escape routes for nearly a year.

3. Guppies

In February this year, scientists proved that guppies could solve mazes. These guppies completed a maze with six junctions and it only took them five days to solve it. According to the lead scientists at the University of Padova, guppies could be compared to rats in terms of navigational skills.

4. Archerfish

An archerfish would be very good at picking up a mugger in a line-up. These spitting fishes can tell the difference between human faces. During a test consisting of 44 new faces, these fish could find the familiar face nearly 90% of the time.

Archerfish can also discriminate between human faces, a task previously only accomplished by primates.

5. Coral trout

In 2014 it was discovered that the humble coral trout can distinguish between a good eel hunter and a bad one.

These fish learned how to identify which creature was good at hunting, so they could team up with it in order to get food. The result is a fish which is three times more likely to choose a decent hunter than a poor one.




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