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5 Ugliest, Creepiest Insects on Planet Earth

5 Ugliest, Creepiest Insects on Planet Earth
A funky-looking moth went viral last week after a Facebook user in Indonesia uploaded images of it. At first, people weren’t sure what it was, but then an Australian had a looked at it and correctly identified it as a creatonotos gangis.

We have to admit that we didn’t have a clue what it was either. We knew that it was ugly and creepy, however, and in keeping with that, we decided to study other ugly insects. Here’s a rundown of the five ugliest insects.

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5. The Humble Maggot

As if these things weren’t gross enough, to begin with. This is a close-up of a maggot’s face.

maggot microscope

Photo by http://webodysseum.com/

4. Elephant Beetle

It’s not so much how it looks, but rather how much of it there is. The elephant beetle, found mostly in South America and Mexico, is usually between 7cm to 12cm long, but it can grow much bigger.

creepiest insects

Photo by iNaturalist.org

3. The Common Rain Spider

Biologists used to believe this South African spider was dangerous to humans. Tests were conducted using a guinea pig and it died seven minutes after the initial bite. The autopsy, however, proved that the guinea pig died of shock, not from the venom. The Common Rain Spider is no more dangerous than a bee.

Looks much worse, though.

creepiest insects

Photo by Wikipedia.org

2. Giant Orb Weaving Spider

As big as a human hand, but much scarier. Spiders usually eat other small insects, but this particular breed is big enough to catch a large bird in its web. Thank goodness it only lives in Australia.

creepiest insects

Photo by Boredom Therapy

1. Parktown Prawn

The Parktown Prawn, as any resident of Jozi will tell you, is not a prawn. It gets its name from the Parktown suburb. Homeowners despise these things, but they are actually nice to have around, as they keep the snail population in check.

Obviously, it’s not as scary as the Giant Orb Weaving Spider, but we weren’t going to let Australia win this as well.

creepiest insects

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