German Brother and Sister Develop Brilliant Water Saving System

It’s World Water Day on Thursday 22 March and brother and sister Daniel and Lara Krohn have developed an idea that could one day help save billions of litres of water.

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Instead of simply wiping raindrops off our car windscreens, why not collect and reuse the water in the windscreen washer jets.

The two clever kids’ idea to capture the raindrops and reuse them won first prize in a local science competition and has now been developed for a full-sized test car.

“We couldn’t believe that no-one had thought of it before,” added 9-year-old Lara. “To try it out, we took apart our toy fire engine and fixed the pump to a model car inside an aquarium. Then we added a filtering system to ensure the water was clean. It just worked really well.”

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Engineers at Ford who heard about the idea were so intrigued that they offered to install a full‑sized device into a Ford S-MAX test car. To collect the water, rubber pipes connected the bottom of the windscreen to the reservoir.

“Daniel and Lara’s idea has been staring drivers in the face for decades – and it has taken one moment of ingenuity to bring it to life. In less than five minutes of rainfall the washer reservoir is completely full,” said Theo Geuecke, supervisor, Body Exterior Hardware, Ford of Europe.

Watch their brilliant system in action below.

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