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7 Great Pics of the Total Lunar Eclipse

7 Great Pics of the Total Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse (or blood moon) created a buzz across social media over the weekend. It started just before 20:30 and after an hour, the moon was completely in the Earth’s shadow for almost two hours. If you were looking up on Friday evening, you may have also noticed that Mars wasn’t going to let the moon hog the show; this was the brightest Mars has ever been in the last 15 years, according to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa.

Just in case you missed the total lunar eclipse, we found trawled Instagram and Facebook for all the greatest pics from Friday night.

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A view from the Cape

Photographer Mark Cullinan captured the entire eclipse in its different phases from the Glencairn Graveyard in Cape Town.

Photographer Alex De Kock also took these incredible photos of the different phases. Click right to see each individual phase.

Alex also put together this beautiful time lapse of the entire lunar event.

For some viewers and photographers the weather wasn’t playing fair, but this didn’t stop Roger de la Harpe from getting this moody pic in George.

And, I fear that’s the end of that. The clouds roll in… ???

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Moon gazing in the Karoo

In the Karoo, Adrienne Southey took this brilliant pic.

What an epic night. So frozen after taking these pictures:/ #bloodmoon

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Seeing red in the City of Gold

In Johannesburg, the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa hosted a viewing and even had some Gluhwein on hand.

Looking up in Limpopo

Meanwhile, up North in Louis Trichardt, photographer Hamish Mitchell also caught a glimpse of the blood moon.

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The next total lunar eclipse will be seen from Africa in 2025. We’ll definitely add this to our calendar.



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