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Animals Being Saved in Photo Ark

Animals Being Saved in Photo Ark

Recent studies have concluded that one out of five species faces extinction by the end of the century.

By 2100, it’s a very real possibility that people would not know what a leopard looked like, but a photographer Joel Sartore aims to avoid that situation by using an ark.

Not an ark like Noah had, but rather a Photo Ark in the form of a coffee table book with photographs of every kind of animal on the planet.

Sartore works for National Geographic, which means he travels a lot. Since 1995, he’s visited 40 countries and photographed portraits of more than 6000 animals.

Every animal is photographed against either a black or white background, so as to treat them with the same amount of respect.

The Photo Ark can be ordered at Joel Sartore’s online store, which also offers fine art prints.

Watch Sartore doing his magnificent work in the video below.

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