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Buchu Benefits

Buchu Benefits

Combat winter ailments with nature’s wonder herb Buchu…

Some health problems, such as colds, flu, dry skin or eczema, arthritis and back pain are triggered or aggravated by the cold weather we experience in the winter months. Buchu can help your body deal with these cold weather ailments.

Buchu_FlowerAccording to Karin McCann of Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals, “Often our go to response for the treatment of winter illnesses, aches and pains is to treat it with chemical drugs such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. While these have their place, it need not be our first port of call when we have access to products harnessing the medicinal benefits of a plant such as Buchu. Buchu is a powerful natural resource which, due to naturally occurring components such as quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin (bioflavonoids), diosphenol and Vitamins A, B and E yields fantastic results without any harmful side effects in keeping illness at bay during the winter months.”

Colds and Flu

The common cold, including chest and head cold, as well as seasonal flu are caused by viruses. While flu symptoms are similar to that of cold symptoms, they include fever, headache and muscle soreness.

With one’s immunity at a low point once targeted by the flu virus, you are left susceptible to inflammation which can turn a bout of flu into full blown pneumonia.

Supplementing with a natural anti-inflammatory such as Buchu, can assist in the prevention of inflammation which is responsible for worsening the degree of one’s illness significantly. Buchu is also a source of Vitamin A, an ideal vitamin in the guard against viral infections such as cold and flu.

Painful Joints/Rheumatic Disease

Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases are a family of illnesses that can cause inflammation in the joints and pain in the surrounding structures. Arthritis is a serious auto-immune disease or joint disorder that involves one or more of the bone joints being inflamed.

Quercitin, a naturally occurring antioxidant in Buchu, has proven to be highly successful in aiding the relief of arthritis pain as it has demonstrated impressive anti-inflammatory properties.

Dry Skin or Eczema 

Eczema is a recurring, non-infectious, inflammatory skin condition characterised by itchy, dry, inflamed, flaky and reddened skin.

Extensive scientific research has proven that formulated organic Buchu oil, which has potent anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties, assists in the successful management of eczema in addition to bringing immediate relief to the inflammation and itchiness symptomatic of eczema.

Urinary Tract Infections 

The winter season sees a surge in urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to the consumption of less water.

Buchu herbal tea can be ingested consistently to reduce symptoms as it has been known to remedy and aid the pain caused in the urinary tract system as it has natural anti-septic and mild diuretic properties. If not treated correctly, a UTI could damage the kidneys resulting in a more serious infection called pyelonephritis, ultimately causing kidney damage.


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