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WATCH: Cheetah vs Vultures vs Lions

WATCH: Cheetah vs Vultures vs Lions

Last week, while most of the country were indoors, ranger and guide from Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge Brett Heasman, was running essential errands when he heard vervet monkeys screaming. To rangers this is usually a sign of something interesting happening and so Brett followed up.

“We followed the calls and scanned the area and noticed a cheetah in an open space, so we dashed off to see what he was up to,” he told LatestSighings.

“We saw that it had managed to take down an impala and figured that this was probably why the alarm calls were so urgent. Looking a bit nervous, as cheetahs normally do before settling down to eat, the cheetah scanned the area for any possible scavengers that might interrupt his feast. After a few scans of the area, he finally got going and started feasting on his hard-earned meal,” Brett adds.

It wasn’t much time later, Brett explained, that a large number of confident vultures arrived.

“Each time the cheetah lowered its head to take a bite, the vultures inched in closer and closer, almost circling the cheetah,” he said.

While the cheetah attempted to fight off the birds they were simply too numerous, and in the end the inevitable happened and the cat was chased off its kill.

“We sat in awe, watching the vultures scurry and feast while the cheetah disappeared into the thicket. Within a few seconds, it was chaos, vultures were scattering in a panic and we could not understand what was happening,” he says.

It quickly became clear that the lions had arrived.

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