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EWT Road Watch South Africa

EWT Road Watch South Africa

Roadkill was ranked as the 4th (out of 5) highest threat to wildlife in SA


The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has an initiative called the Wildlife and Roads project, which needs ordinary people like you and I – to help identify roadkill hotspots on roads in South Africa.

All you need to do is

Download the app for Android here: download

By contributing to this project, you will be helping to conserve South Africa’s rich natural heritage and making our roads safer for everyone. The information you send us will assist in the identification of the species that are most affected, where the main problem areas are and where mitigation is most needed. – EWT

Guidelines are provided for the photographs to ensure the species can be easily identified.

If you would like to become involved, contact Wendy Collinson [email protected] or the Endangered Wildlife Trust 011 372 3600



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