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WATCH: Cornered crocodile attacks a pride of lions

Stuffed full of waterbuck a pride of lion were lying in the shade nearby when a crocodile happened past and sniffed the scraps. Dragging its large body out of the water the croc probably had no idea the lions were even there, let alone that they might want to defend their kill.

Vernon Cresswell (61) was in Buffelshoek in the Sabi Sands area of the Greater Kruger Park when he discovered what happens when a Nile crocodile comes face-to-face, quite literally, with a pride of lions.

“We managed to track a pride of lions in that area that is called the Talamati Pride. This had taken down a male waterbuck just a few hours before. All of them had fed on the buck and left the carcass about 100m from the dam,” Vernon told LatestSightings.

“A crocodile obviously sensed that there was a carcass nearby, so he left the water to investigate and maybe get an easy meal…When the croc got onto land, it was only a few meters from the waters’ edge. Some of the younger lions (9 cubs) showed some interest and moved closer to see what this creature was up to. After a little while, some of the adult females (5 in total) noticed what was happening and came to the scene,” he added.

At first, it appeared as though the lions were simply toying with the large reptile, but when the crocodile snapped back the lions took it to the next level and mobbed the animal.

“The lions were all taken by surprise, but their reflexes were faster than the speed of the crocodile, and they soon got the upper hand,” he said.

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