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Deadliest Snakes South Africa

Deadliest Snakes South Africa

This Theatre Thursday enjoy a preview of Deadliest a three-part series featuring Fearless presenter, Kurdt Greenwood, as he gets up close and personal with the 12 most deadliest snakes in South Africa.

He travels to remote locations to seek out the most lethal snake species and understand more about their behaviour and lethal abilities. Entirely hands-on throughout, he hopes to inspire and educate people to the wonders of these terrifying reptiles, ultimately replacing fear with knowledge.

Kurdt and a Green Mamba

Kurdt also offers advice on what to do should you come face to face with a venomous snake.  His mesmerising ability to subdue deadly creatures will amaze viewers – pulling vipers from their hiding places, hypnotising Cobras with the touch of a hand and squaring off with perhaps the most feared snake on earth- the Black Mamba.

Kurdt Greenwood touching a Black Mamba

Kurdt’s passion stems from the belief that education can help form an understanding between man and serpent, and if the correct measures are taken when confronting a snake, no one needs to get hurt.

Don’t miss this exciting new series premiering from Friday 27 January at 21:05 only on Animal Planet (DSTV 183)

Watch the trailer of Deadliest here: 

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