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Dive into Sharkwater

Dive into Sharkwater

Sharks used to have a reputation for being spiteful killers that would bite a human in half simply for the fun of it.

Then Rob Stewart made Sharkwater in 2006. This highly-acclaimed documentary changed people’s perception of sharks, as well as the shark hunting industry forever. It exposed corruption at the highest level, and even played a part in a murder trial.

The film won 31 international awards, but fans had to wait 10 years before Rob Stewart started filming the sequel.

Unfortunately, Stewart died tragically while filming Sharkwater: Extinction in late January 2017.

Stewart and a diving partner were filming off the coast in Florida. He vanished without a trace on the day, but his body was discovered nearby a few days later. The cause of his death is still unclear.

The original Sharkwater was released on Netflix SA earlier this week and the trailer for this magnificent documentary can be viewed below. Best not to watch it if you’re a bit squeamish.

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